Workshop - The importance of garden soil
Description - An interactive workshop teaching the basics of soil preparation and usage for indoor and outdoor gardening. Participants will learn -
- Types of commercial garden soil available in Qatar
- The importance of soil structure
- How to improve soil structure
- How to prepare your own garden soil using ingredients available in Qatar
- Difference between indoor and outdoor gardening soil
- Description and use for garden soil ingredients including perlite, sand, manure, compost, coco peat, peat moss, potting soil
- How to use garden soil
Date - Saturday 6th Feb
Time - 10am to 12pm
Instructors - Kim Wyatt and Omer Cheema
Workshop details - Held at one of Qatar's largest commercial farms. The workshop includes a farm tour, a Q&A session, and refreshments. 
Price - 150 per person.  
Please note masks must be worn at all times.